Questions about ADLcare™ 

Question : Is the patch rechargeable?

Answer : Yes, the patch recharges in about an hour.

Question : How long does the patch last on a charge?

Answer : Patch operate for 4+ days between charges.

Question : Is the patch waterproof?  Can it go in the shower/bath?

Answer : Yes, the ADLcare patch is waterproof and designed to be worn all day, including while bathing, since this is a time when many falls occur.

Question : Is it easy to set up?

Answer : Absolutely.  The ADLcare gateway and patch are connected (provisioned) before being delivered to the clients/parents home and will automatically connect as soon as it's charged and the gateway is plugged in.

Question : What happens when I  go outside or go for a walk?  Does it still work?

Answer : Currently, the ADLcare patch has a range of 20-30 yards and it will loose connection beyond that.  However, as soon as the patch is within range again, it will connect and send updates to the app and dashboard.

Question : What can notifications tell me?

Answer : For example, if the wearer is sleeping longer, or moving around less, ADLcare™ has the ability to recognize that change and bring it to the attention of family members and caregivers.

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