ADLcare™ for

Home Care Providers

ADLcare™ is a complete solution for home care providers to monitor their clients with 24/7 visibility of their vitals and status. The solution requires no additional hardware installations and can be securely managed via the ADLcare™ web portal.

Home care staff require only brief introductory training on the activation and application of the ADLcare™ patches, and then can follow their clients' activities and status using the ADLcare™ smartphone app. The app provides a visual overview of the daily activities and specific information regarding the key ADLs detected: walking, sitting, lying down, and light activity.  It also identifies and reports falling.

ADLcare Smartphone App

Caregivers and Care Managers can use the ADLcare™ app to check the status of a client at any hour of the day.  The app shows complete information on each client, including current heart rate, respiration rate, temperature, step count, and most recent ADL, as well as a list of the major activities of the last day.

ADLcare Office Dashboard

Care Managers and office staff can use the ADLcare dashboard to simultaneously see multiple clients and view their vital and activity status as well as history of activity over the past day.

Both the dashboard and the app support the definition of configurable alerts to select staff members when a set of predefined conditions is met. For example both the attending home care giver and the care manager can be automatically notified via the app and dashboard when a client gets up in the night, or when s/he has fallen down.