ADLcare™ for

Families Caregivers

ADLcare™ provides family caregivers a 24/7 visibility of the status and activities of the aging family member wearing the ADLcare™ Patch. ADLcare ™ allows them to be aware of the well-being of their family member even when not physically present.

ADLcare Smartphone App

Family caregivers can use the ADLcare™ app to check the status of their loved one at any hour of the day.  The app shows complete information on, including current heart rate, respiration rate, temperature, step count, and most recent ADL, as well as a list of the major activities of the last day.

Configurable Alerts

Configurable alerts can be set to determine when the family caregiver should be notified by the app of an event in their aging family member's life, e.g. if they have fallen.