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Connected monitoring of

vitals, daily activities and falls

ADLcare™ is a system for respectfully monitoring vitals, activities and falls of aging adults.  It uses a simple on-body smart patch and a cloud-based analytics engine to continuously derive heart rate, respiration rate, temperature, Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) and falls.  The results are available to care givers and family members via the ADLcare™ smartphone app and the ADLcare™ office dashboard.

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Independent Living

and  Peace of Mind

Aging adults want the freedom to live independently.  Caregivers want to know that their clients or family members are safe and well.

Respectful Monitoring

Understanding wellness doesn’t need to mean losing privacy. No cameras; no microphones. ADLcare™ only monitors the metrics needed to ensure client wellness and safety. 

Intuitive Visibility

The ADLcare™ smartphone app and office dashboard provide caregivers with a clear, up-to-date view of the status of their clients. Now one can quickly check on the activity and vitals of their clients at any hour of the day. 

What is ADLcare™? 

The ADLcare™ solution consists of four parts: a wearable patch for data acquisition, a gateway that transfers the data from the patch to the cloud based analytics engine that interprets the data and identifies Activities of Daily Living or ADLs, and an app or dashboard for visualization.

ADLcare™ Patch

The ADLcare™ Patch is a small, unobtrusive device that is worn on the body using a special bandage designed for gentleness. The Patch acquires a variety of metrics -- movement, vitals, and Activities of Daily Living (ADLs).

ADLcare™ Gateway

The gateway receives the pre-processed data from the Patch via a wireless BLE (Bluetooth Low-Energy) link and passes it on to the cloud based analytics engine. 

ADLcare™ Analytics Engine

Underlying the ADLcare™ analytics engine is Algorithmic Intuition’s proprietary Human Activity Recognition neural network software. Using sophisticated machine learning algorithms, the software  has the ability to recognize patterns in a person's activity and behavior over time.

ADLcare™ App & Dashboard

The output of the ADLcare™ Analytics Engine is visualized for both families and caregivers via an intuitive, easy to understand smartphone app and a dashboard.  Subscribers can view day to day reports on vitals and activities as well as receive immediate notification in case of an emergency.

Together, the ADLcare™ Patch, Gateway, Analytics Engine and Smartphone App and Dashboard form a comprehensive solution designed to provide caregivers and family members with up to the minute information on their loved one’s condition – without intruding on their privacy or diminishing their care and well-being. And the ADLcare™ Analytics Engine continues to evolve and improve both in terms of capabilities and accuracy through machine learning.

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For Frequently Asked Questions:


ADLcare™ is a non-Medical product that is not diagnostic or preventative. It measures physiological metrics and reports them to caregivers who then take the responsibility of making care-decisions for the person being monitored. Transmission and punctuality of reports depends on third-party networks and is not guaranteed. The ADLcare™ device is not to be used to detect disease or to replace FDA-approved medical devices.